12 Incredible Jojoba Oil Benefits

12 Incredible Jojoba Oil Benefits

The Jojoba plant is a perennial plant that is very hearty and native to North America. It thrives in the more harsh desert climates, and it produces a nut that has strong links to many different healing properties. You can process this nut to turn it into an oil. Jojoba oil works very well as a carrier oil to mix with your favourite essential oils to dilute them, or you can use it by itself.

Jojoba oil is an essential part of many people's skincare routine. There are very good reasons for that, and they all have evidence backing them. Keep reading to find out the 12 biggest Jojoba oil benefits below.

The 12 Biggest Jojoba Oil Benefits        

Since Jojoba oil is so versatile, it makes sense that it gets a lot of use for a variety of different applications. These biggest ones include:

1. Moisturising

Jojoba oil is better known as a humectant ingredient. Simply put, this means that it adds a protective barrier over your skin that seals in. In turn, your skin stops losing moisture. Once you apply this oil to your face, it can help to prevent acne, bacterial infection, dry skin and dandruff from forming on your face.

2. Hypoallergenic

When you dig down to the molecular level of this oil, you'll find that it's a wax. It does absorb into your skin, but the waxy base is what creates the seal to lock moisture in. This is also a very gentle formula, and it's widely considered to be hypoallergenic due to the fact that it's non-irritating. Allergic reactions are very rare.

3. Helps Control the Production of Sebum

Jojoba oil almost mimics your body's natural oil called sebum. When you use it on your skin, your body sends signals to your sweat follicles and hair that your body doesn't have to produce more sebum to hydrate and moisturise your skin. You'll have clearer skin, fewer clogged pores and a reduced chance of acne breakouts.

4. Antioxidant Properties

This oil comes packed with natural forms of vitamin E. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that benefits your skin in several ways. One of the biggest things it does is help fight oxidative stress, and this is what damages your skin cells and leads to wrinkles or fine lines.

5. Promotes Collagen Synthesis

Jojoba's rich antioxidant properties might encourage your body to produce more collagen. Collagen is in both your joints and skin and this is what gives you that firm and youthful look. As you age, collagen decreases. Studies show that using Jojoba oil or other products with antioxidants encourage your body to produce collagen.

6. Soothes Dry Skin

Jojoba oil comes with healing properties and anti-inflammatory properties. Applying it topically can help relieve itching, flaking, dryness and other problems. People who have skin issues with eczema or psoriasis may benefit the most from using this oil on their skin.

7. Speeds up Wound Healing

Studies show promise for linking Jojoba oil to wound healing stimulation. The research showed that applying this oil around a wound encourages your skin cells to bind together after a cut or scratch separates them. This may be why Jojoba oil is so beneficial for acne scarring and acne. One reason for being able to speed up wound healing goes back to Jojoba's high concentration of vitamin E.

8. Treats Acne

There have been at least a single clinical trial that showed Jojoba oil could help treat acne and prevent future breakouts. The soothing anti-inflammatory agents, combined with the antimicrobial and moisturising properties, make this a powerful and natural acne-fighting tool. The healing properties are also essential for people with acne. \

9. Soothes Sunburn

Many sunscreen products use Jojoba oil, and it's very popular for a good reason. Research suggests that combining antioxidants with vitamin E can help shield your skin from damage from the sun. Jojoba oil has both vitamin E and antioxidants. Since sun damage can dry out your skin and cause it to flake, applying Jojoba oil can soothe it by restoring the moisture content.

10. Minimises Wrinkles and Fine Lines

When your skin experiences oxidative stress, cell damage can lead to wrinkles and fine lines. While no research explicitly states that this oil will reduce the appearance of these wrinkles and fine lines, research does show that it can help with collagen production. Collagen can help fill in fine lines and wrinkles, and the antioxidant content can help restore elasticity to your skin.

11. Minimises Scarring

Doctors have recommended vitamin E to help reduce the appearance of scars. While research is still ongoing, applying Jojoba oil to your skin can help. The wound-healing properties with the vitamin E content should help to slowly reduce the appearance of any scars you may have. How much it reduces the appearance depends on the scar itself.

12. Antibacterial

Jojoba oil has both antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Lab tests show that this oil won't kill every fungal or bacterial species, but it does a good job killing specific fungi and bacteria like E. coli, salmonella and candida. This can help prevent breakouts or redness.

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