aloe-vera-plantMake A Mask

Aloe is key ingredient in rejuvenating face masks. To make your own, mix the gel with half an egg white and three cucumber inches. Apply to your face, leave on overnight, and witness your skin softer and healthier.

Clear Away Cosmetics

Aloe provides a comfortable, non-toxic alternative to traditional makeup removers. The gel doesn’t dry out your skin, making it effective in removing raccoon eyes and other makeup marks on sensitive areas of the face. Trickle a drop of gel onto a cotton ball and gently swipe the needed areas of your face.

Bandage Burns

For minor cooking burns, rub the gel on the burn before applying a bandage. Aloe will nourish and moisturize the skin, allowing it to heal faster and avoid a scar. For best results, mix the gel with vitamin E.

Seal Sunburns

Aloe gel treats sunburn. Rub the gel on any part of your body that’s even slightly red. This will soothe the pain and reduce risk of long-term skin damage and premature aging.

Soothe Your Skin

Whether you're recovering from bumps, bruises, bug bites or blemishes, aloe gel is key to soothing skincare. Freeze aloe gel in an ice tray and then rub on affected areas to reduce inflammation.

Natural Face Wash

Struggling to get acne under control or deal with rosacea? Mix aloe gel with lemon and almond milk, rub it on your face, then rinse it off after five minutes. Alternatively, mix the aloe with coconut oil to keep wrinkles and skin damage at bay.

Address Acne

Aloe helps you avoid acne and keeps breakouts under control. Incorporating the gel into your skincare routine will make pimples less painful while reducing or eliminating facial scarring.

Soften Your Soles

Aloe gel makes for a is a nifty foot rub. The skin on your feet and heels will feel smooth and healthy. Use plain gel or mix with oatmeal or an exfoliating scrub.

Contain Cold Sores

Although there’s no cure for herpes labialis, commonly known as cold sores, aloe vera gel shortens outbreaks. Use a cotton ball to rub the gel on the affected area. This helps relieve the pain and give your skin the moisture and nutrients it needs to heal.

Treat Skin Allergies

Skin allergies leave you with rashes, hives and nagging itches—irritating and unsightly symptoms that can get infected if you can't resist the temptation to scratch. Aloe vera moderates symptoms and helps avoid scratching, making it essential for allergy skincare.

Embellish Your Eyebrows

Aloe allows for effective eyebrow control. It’ll keep your brows straight and tidy without being sticky or hard when it dries, giving your brows a consistent, healthy look.

Disinfect Your Digits

Hand sanitizers are suspect in their ingredients and effectiveness. Replace commercial sanitizers with a naturally antibacterial option. Spread aloe vera gel on your hands, possibly in tandem with alcohol and essential oils. The gel kills germs without depriving your hands of moisture.

Aloe has no shortage of health and beauty benefits, but make sure you're getting the real deal. Some companies market as "aloe vera gel" products that contain little if any of the true substance. For 100% pure aloe gel, as well as essential oils, mud masks and other health and skincare products, research is paramount.